Forestopia Exciting Winter Update Doggies and kittens join the cute animals!

Yazid, 5 Desember 2022

Forestopia Exciting Winter Update Doggies and kittens join the cute animals!Game
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GAMEFINITY, Jakarta – Gravity Game Arise Co., Ltd. (located in Chuo-ku, Tokyo) announced the laid back island life simulation game “Forestopia” for smartphones and tablets has implemented an “Exciting Winter Update” on November 29th (Tue) and the Happy Christmas event starts today, December 1st (Thu).

No.1 Happy Christmas event!


During the event period, you can earn one Xmas Token everyday on the event page.

Use that coin to open a gift box and win a special terrarium for Christmas animals, decorations, and other gorgeous item s!

Campaign Duration:Until Saturday, December 31st 11:59 pm(JST)

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No.2 the Doggo house appears on the island!


At the Doggo house, you can get the “Doggo terrarium” by exchanging friend coins or by using “Bone Treat,” a rare item acquirable by cleaning up trash.

There are 6 kinds of doggies in total, including a “Shiba Inu”!

Enjoy your island life with your favorite doggie!

No.3 Cat Pack on sale!


A new Cat Pack is now available, which includes a “Cat Terrarium” with 9 different Kittens, purcha sed gems and useful tickets!

You can purchase one of this Cat Pack everyday during the sale.

Don’t miss out on this pack for cat lovers!

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No.4 Dress-up feature is available! The island is dressed forwinter!?


A “Dress-up feature” is now available to change the skins of Yeti and his lab!

In addition, Christmas-inspired skins are also available for purchase using gems!

Enjoy your Forestopia winter season with these special skins!

Christmas dress-up items duration: Until Saturday, December 31st 11:59pm(JST)

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